Wednesday, July 28, 2010


You know you're getting old when...

  1. You call the town police and complain about people driving to fast in your neighborhood and demand action - well they do drive to fast!  I had to complain!
  2. You email Linda McMahon for senate 2010 and tell them you're not voting for her because of the inappropriate negative campaigning flyer you got from them - this was seriously ridiculous!  Lame!
  3. Call BJs and ask them why they don't carry the baby items you need...
  4. Read Reader's Digest.
  5. Watch the news and then email them and complain that they don't give the NYY scores (my mom totally did this yesterday! lol).
  6. Spend your days watering plants, doing laundry, working, dishes, diapers, and cleaning up.  And then the highlight of your day is going to bed.
  7. You listen to Ace of Base and think about back in the day when you danced to The Sign at middle school dances.
  8. You talk to your husband every day at work and talk about what's for dinner.
  9. You see your siblings doing grown up things.
  10. Everyone you know is having babies.

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