Sunday, July 11, 2010

Holly Got Married!

My last friend has gotten married  The four of us from high school still hanging out once a month, Betts, Kathleen, Holly, and I, are now all married.  I can't believe how fast time flies by.  One minute we're going to the prom together and the next we're all changing our names, owning homes, and working our careers.  I'm so happy for Holly and Troy and their wedding was a blast!

The ceremony

This is an awful photo but I'm posting it just to piss off Jared for making this awful face...

Brian and Betts

Bride and Me

Brent and Me, he did break my heart so many moons ago...

I love self portraits!

Kathleen and Hol dancing away

Brent and Allison, who he better marry because I really like her!

1 comment:

T. Roy said...

We had a blast too! We love the gazebo picture! We can't believe that we are offically husband and wife!

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