Monday, July 12, 2010

What a day!

I started work again today and it was surely eventful:

3:30 am - Lyla wakes up for feeding.  My original plan was to wake up with her first feeding and stay awake for the day.  Not happening at 4am thank you very much...

4:00 am - Lyla decides she wants to play instead of sleep.  We listen to her laughing, cooing, and playing until around 5.

5:00 am - Lyla finally is back to sleep.  I'm so exhausted though I am also sleeping.

7:00 am - Oh shit! Lyla is up again to eat and I forgot to set the alarm for 6.  Feed Lyla.

7:30 am - Do Jared's lunch, eat breakfast, get computer on, change Lyla, take shower, get dressed, hang laundry on line, clean up kitchen, and make beds.

8:00 am - On the computer working.

8:45 am - Lyla very unhappy and needs to sleep.  She's screaming.

9:15 am - Lyla feeds, falls asleep and then wakes as soon as I put her down.

9:30 am - Lyla is screaming to go to sleep.

10:00 am - Lyla is still screaming to go to sleep.

10:30 am - Lyla, screaming to go to sleep.

11:00 am - Lyla sleeping.

11:15 am - Lyla screaming.

11:30 am - Lyla trying to play in her chair.  I proceed to knock over an entire, full glass of ice cold water all over her.

11:31 am - Lyla screaming bloody murder at her klutz mother as she freezes.

11:32 am - I'm crying because I just soaked my kid with ice cold water, she's exhausted and won't sleep, and I can't get any work done!

12:00 pm - Lyla eats and falls asleep.  She goes into her crib and after crying for a few minutes, finally takes nap!  Yay!

12:30 pm - I get lunch and get to work for a few hours.

3:00 pm - Lyla wakes up and wants to eat and be entertained.

3:15 pm - Lyla spits up all over me.  Payback is a bitch...

What a day...

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