Thursday, May 20, 2010

Detox Time

The whole nine months I was with child, I had the worst diet of my life.  I blame it on Lyla of course.  I had a sweet tooth and junk food tooth like nobody's business.  It was awful and awesome at the same time. I gained about 40 pounds throughout the time and told myself that after baby comes my body is on detox.  No junk, candy, sweets, fast food, etc.  Only good meals and exercise.  

After I had Lyla, I was instantly 20 pounds lighter thanks to all the fluid I was carrying.  That leaves me 20 pounds to lose.  Except I had some extra body matter that I didn't need before baby came so I'd like to lose and even 30 pounds.  So far it's been tough because I can't exercise or do anything due to my c-section.  But I've been trying to eat healthy or eat at all for that matter.  I found that whenever I have a free moment, I always forget that maybe lunch is a good idea.  Or when I'm so busy getting ready in the morning and feeding Lyla that by 11am I haven't eaten breakfast yet.  

I have to get into a good food routine and then when I start exercising hopefully the weight will come off.  It's important to me and to our family that I get back into shape.  I can't be a plus size momma.  How would I be able to play tag and red rover in a few years!  

I'm going to use my blog to write about my detoxing and how much I've lost.  Hopefully it will motivate me to do well as to not disappoint myself and my readers!  Wish me luck!

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