Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hospitals, Pain and Jewish Weddings

It's been a hell of a week/weekend.  Between Jared being in the ER due to sharp chest pains for 2 days (but they ruled out all the serious things and think he pulled a muscle) to going to Boston for a wedding, things have been hectic.  I have not had a minute to myself in days and honestly, right now I'm ignoring my disgustingly dirty house to write instead.  But I don't care!  I learned a few important things these last few days that I wanted to document so I'd never forget them:

1.  Jared can never, ever get sick again.  Having to bring him to the ER at 10 p.m. at night with a 2 week old infant, waiting around for doctor's and staying overnight in the ER sleeping in a plastic chair until 5 a.m. is very less than desirable.  Also watching him in pain for a day and a half in the hospital while my parents came down to watch Lyla and me sobbing due to my surgery pains and missing my daughter were also very less than desirable.  I actually made my parents come to the room with her because I missed her so much.  Finally we were able to spring Jared from the hospital just in time for us to come home and pack for our weekend.  He was feeling a bit better and they ruled out all the serious stuff.

I don't like him being away from us.  So he has to never get sick again.  It totally sucked.  I'm just very lucky my parents came through big time to help out with the baby otherwise it would have been a nightmare.

2.  I need more Jewish friends.  I have never been to an ultra traditional Jewish wedding.  So this past weekend in Boston when we went to Jonah's wedding, wow, we were impressed.  From the traditions to the fun and the people, we were in awe.  So many traditions that I felt our wedding was not official enough!  But it was so beautiful and when we got into the reception hall and immediately people were dancing and having a good time, we knew this was an awesome time.  We circled the bride and groom on the dance floor, swung our partners around, and watched the bride and groom and their parents get hosted up in a chair.  Everyone around us was laughing, smiling, and dancing with everyone.  No party poopers for sure.  It was an intensely fun time and I said to Jared we need more Jewish friends so we could attend more of these weddings!  I also contemplated for a minute asking my sister to convert so she could marry a Jewish guy and her wedding could be like that...(sorry Jodie!).

Jonah looked immensely happy with his gorgeous bride and we are thrilled for both of them.  They both start their residencies in Boston in a few weeks after just graduating from medical school.  We are so proud of Jonah.  He is the kindest, most sincere person we know and we couldn't be happier for him.  His new life is sure to be amazing and we're lucky to be his friends.

3.  C-Sections suck ass.  I'm STILL sore from my surgery. Honestly I was expecting to be okay by now but I'm not.  It was a nightmare walking around Boston, dancing at the wedding was a challenge, and just every day chores around the house make me ache.  I never want to have one of these again and hope that when we have more children they can come out the right way...

Jonah and Jared

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