Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Pair of Geeky Bikes

What does one do when one has over 80,000 frequent flier miles that she never uses because the flights are always crappy?  One gives her husband the catalog for what they can get and the husband decides he wants matching bikes.

Yes, for real.  Every time we need to fly somewhere, I try to use our miles but it is always more worthwhile for us to pay for them rather than have restricted dates, crazy layovers, etc.  Over the past five years, I've accumulated over 80,000 miles just sitting there.  I don't need or want anything so I figured Jared could get some garden equipment with the miles.  He decides we should get matching bikes instead. At first I laughed out loud, almost spit out my drink.  I told him he barely has time to do all the garden work he has to do, other home projects, etc and now we're having a baby.  When does he think we'll have time to pack up the kid and go for a bike ride together?

But no, Jared was adamant.  We needed bikes.  So I up and ordered them - free of charge!  I told him now we need to get our polo shirts, matching chinos, swing a sweater over our shoulders and take the bikes to Nantucket.  We'd fit in nicely.  I'm slowly but surely turning into one of those people I always make fun of!  But I told him I need my bike painted bright yellow, need a white basket on the front, a radio installed, and of course the most obnoxious horn ever!  Oh and it will probably be a good idea for me to drop the baby weight before I try biking since I'm pretty sure this fat ass of mine will not fit on the seat!
My bike soon to be delivered. 

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