Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Arnold Palmer

I love nice, cold drinks on a warm day.  It's been very important for me to be drinking a lot during this pregnancy and basically that has consisted of only milk and water.  I've gone through so many gallons of milk, I cringe at the thought of it and I can't even imagine how much water I've consumed either.  Anyways, lately, I've gotten bored.  We had a frozen can of Minute Maid lemonade and I thought I'd brew some iced tea as well.  So all I'm drinking these days are Arnold Palmers.

Now if you've not heard of Arnold Palmers, all it consists of is half a glass of iced tea (unsweet) and half a glass of lemonade mixed.  Seriously, the BEST beverage in the world.

I first got hooked on this beverage when I worked for a very short stint at a golf club as a bartender.  The most popular drink after a round of golf was the Arnold Palmer.  Curious, I tried it and was immediately hooked.  Honestly, why had I not thought of it before?  I love sweet tea and I love lemonade.  But I don't love unsweet tea.  So why not sweeten the unsweet tea with lemonade?  It's pure genius.  Now I have to be careful and make sure the tea is decaf and of course I don't want to have so much sugar so I limit the amount of lemonade a bit.  But still, this beverage has saved me this past week.  Nothing quenches your thirst like an Arnold Palmer.  I must say, I love the man, Arnold Palmer himself, who invented this fine beverage!

Okay, yes, I'm admitting right now that I'm so bored on bed rest that my life revolves around making, drinking, and writing about Arnold Palmers.  Wow, this baby needs to come out now!

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