Monday, February 15, 2010

There is never anything to eat in this house!

The one sentence I utter every day, mostly falsely: There is never anything to eat in this house!

I am not a cook.  At all.  Jared could open the fridge and see three items then commence work on a gourmet meal.  I open the fridge and I see a bunch of things that I have no idea what to do with.  I'm at home three days a week and I get severe panic attacks around 11ish.  My belly is starting to grumble for food.  My brain surveys what I last saw in the fridge, and I try to imagine what I'd like to have for lunch.  

I instantly think of that last bag of dill pickle chips and think it's a great lunch.  And for good measure, I'll have some baby carrots on the side.  Panic mode strikes again - what will I tell Jared I had for lunch if I eat that!  He inevitably always asks because he wants to make sure I'm eating healthy for the baby.  I'll try to come up with something else and lie.  No, that's not very nice.  

So I get up and go to the fridge, which of course I always wait until I'm absolutely starving and can't wait to make anything.  Our fridge is jam packed but still there is nothing for me to eat.  Our freezer is even more jam packed.  Jared makes dinners and freezes leftovers for more meals later on.  So technically there are gourmet meals I could have for lunch every day.  But by the time I think of it, I'm so hungry I'm about to eat my hand.  There is no waiting for it to defrost.  

The staple is peanut butter and jelly or Cheerios.  I stuff my face and get back to work.  It's a vicious cycle I have going on here because I never make time to make myself food, that is if I knew how to.  

Each weekend when we are out shopping for groceries, Jared makes a big fuss about my lunches.  He asks me over and over again what I'm going to want to eat.  My only and favorite response to this is macaroni and cheese (yum).  He always gets angry because he's afraid I'm not eating healthy enough for me and the baby.  I can't say I blame him because the only thing I want to eat right now are sweet foods and sugary crap.  

We go aisle to aisle arguing about what I should and shouldn't be eating. My eyes stare down the hostess cupcake boxes, the mac and cheese deluxe meals, and of course the candy.  I can hear the chips calling to me, the ice cream beckons me over, and I am inches from licking the glass door just to pretend I am getting some.

I finally agree to get some sweet potatoes and some chocolate yogurt while my heart aches for frozen pizzas and fruit snacks.  But Jared has something else in mind.  

We got home from the grocery store yesterday and our fridge and pantry is jam packed with stuff.  Jared comments on how I should be set for lunches this week.  I sit down to rest while he starts making dinner for us and pretty soon there is a smell wafting my way.  He comes over with a bowl and spoon for me to taste.  I look at the concoction and taste the most wonderful thing.  He has made me chicken salad and then he made egg salad.  I should have no excuse that I have nothing to eat, he says.  I smile knowing that tomorrow I'll be set for lunch.  I can already imagine myself slowing devouring this gourmet chicken salad with a side of chips of course.  

I may not get flowers and chocolates.  I may not have a very romantic husband. In fact, sometimes he's quite the ass - but what guy isn't...  But I know he'll always take care of me.  He'll always make sure I'm taking care of myself.  And he'll always make sure I have food in the fridge with easy access to meals.  Boy, do I love him!

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Cheryl said...

aww haha that's so sweet.

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