Friday, January 15, 2010

No sleep

I really feel like writing today but can't.  I honestly can not keep my eyes open.  I've gone long spurts in the past of not sleeping but never pregnant - it's a been a week of no sleep.  I feel like I'm drowning and am unable to reach the surface.  I look like I've aged ten years due to the bags under my eyes.  And I thought it was only supposed to be like this after you have the baby!

The baby is moving around a lot.  She is very active and it always makes me smile.  No matter how tired I am, one little kick makes it all worth it.  Yesterday I was talking (okay more like complaining to my mom) and I felt her kicking so I looked down at my belly. There before my very own eyes was my belly moving.  It was fascinating!  Guess how productive I was at work yesterday after seeing that!

Last night I took a benedryl as per noted by the doc, laid down in my big comfy bed in between my gigantic U-shaped pillow and tried my best to sleep.  As soon as I got comfortable, I swear that baby moved up into my lungs!  I felt this enormous pressure by my lungs and couldn't take a deep breath. I sat up quickly and she slid down, literally, breaking the pressure.  So bizarre!

(wow I just fell asleep for a minute there).  Tonight I'm planning to go to be early - or so I hope.  It's going to be a long weekend for this mamma if I don't get any sleep still.  I hope I have something more meaningful to write about next week.  I do know some people read my blog and I'm grateful for that.  So thanks to my loyal readers.

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