Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Count Your Blessings Wednesday

Today I am yawning but very grateful.

  1. I am grateful for my bed and the warm flannel sheets that cover it.  It's too bad I can't sleep.
  2. I am grateful for my fuzzy, warm, fleece pjs that my mom bought me but again, it's too bad I can't sleep.
  3. I am grateful for my gigantic pillow that the husband got for me even though I'm unable to appreciate it during sleep.
  4. I'm thankful for my eye mask which I wear every night when I'm pretending to sleep.
  5. I'm thankful for the beautiful classical music Jared puts on before bed to help lull him to sleep and me to fake sleep.
  6. I'm grateful for alarm clocks even though I usually don't need them.
  7. I'm thankful from 6am - 7am when I get my most sleep which usually includes slamming the alarm clock every 15 minutes.  How I can get the most sleep in that one hour still amazes me.
  8. I'm grateful for working from home which allows me to "sleep" in a little longer.
  9. I'm thankful for my baby girl who kicks me all night long.  It makes me smile and honestly it's way better than fake sleeping.
  10. I'm grateful that in another 12 hours and I can try once again to sleep.

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