Saturday, March 03, 2007

Jared at Sea

My husband is on a ship right now. I'll be posting his messages here for people to read about his adventures in the Gulf. Read more about his expedition at I'll post some pictures as soon as I can! Enjoy!

3/1 Jared writes:

Hey Everyone:

So I'm finally on my way and out to sea. Day one has been very relaxing. We've had no bad seas as of yet. Today we had our emergency abandon ship drill, I survived. We had to congregate at the muster deck to lifeboat #5 with our life jackets and survival suits. Quite an experience. The food on board ship isn't too bad. It's not so great either. I have taken plenty of pics and camera footage to bore you all with when I get back.

We had a meeting with the scientists and engineers this evening to go over our roles and shifts. I got changed to the 4-8 shift for both morning and afternoon. I miss breakfast and dinner but heard they will keep food out for us. They better!

The bad news is that we are running into a couple of bad storms. By the time we arrive (18 hours) from port Galveston, TX to our destinations, that puts us about ETA of 05:30 we encounter the beginning of rough seas. This will continue into Sunday with estimated 11 foot seas. I hope I don't barf all over the place. I've taken plenty of medication already.

Anyway, I won't be able to use the phone much if any at all so it may be just e-mail that I keep in touch.

Please, please, please stay in touch and watch us broadcast live over the Internet. You'll be able to watch us all live on ship hard at work. Check out the website for show times and remember that this is for East Coast USA time.

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