Saturday, March 03, 2007

Day 2 at Sea

3/2, Jared writes:

Hey Everyone:
It's not everyday that I get to be on the cutting edge of science. It's so strange to be sitting behind all these video monitors controlling the camera to Argus. Yeah, I get to zoom in on specific targets etc. We just launched our remote operated vehicle (ROV) Argus and I was there for the launch with my shift team leaders. My hours are from 4-8am and pm. I'm sure I will be pretty worn out by the time I get back.

During my shift we visited the West Flower Gardens Bank. Unfortunately not much footage of coral or fish as of yet.
The Navogator along with the bridge are following the designated course and I'm hoping on my next shift, get to see some really amazing footage.

As I mentioned earlier we are not sure on the status of the approaching storm. It could be anywhere between 6-10 foot waves. We'll see.

I'm getting ready to go to bed. All I really do is eat sleep and work. Oh, just like home. lol.
I miss everyone already and wish you could be here to see us all in action. It's truly amazing. These guys work so hard and are so talented.

Much love,


Check out the show schedules so you can tune in. I think that one show may be cancelled due to satellite alignment with the sun.

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