Tuesday, August 03, 2021

In My Happy Dress or Not, I'm Just... Angry


I put on my favorite yellow dress today. It's a flowy, maxi dress, bright yellow full of pink and blue flowers. The kind of dress my husband makes fun of... "did a florist throw up on you?" Yeah.. he's a gem...

I had nowhere to go and not many people would see me but I just felt happy. My beautiful yellow dress made me happy. Sometimes wearing something that makes you smile can really make your day.

Going about my usual day, I spend 3-4 of my afternoons a week working in Panera Bread after dropping my daughter off at gymnastics. It's been about a month since I've been working there daily and I've begun to enjoy it. It's got a quiet corner, good WiFi, my favorite drink, fresh (Arnold Palmers), and the manager and I are homies now since I'm a regular ;)

I bounced out of my car with my favorite yellow dress and new favorite cardigan holding my mask in my hand. I knew the new COVID strain is blazing in my state right now so I'm taking no chances at bringing home something to my "too young to be vaccinated" children. I proceeded to sit there for three hours in my little booth working, taking conferences calls, and managing all with my mask on (even though I'm vaccinated), uninterrupted.

It was annoying, yeah but my kids health matters more to me than comfort at this point. But honestly it's a mask, not chains. I can handle it.

I picked up my daughter after her three and a half hour practice (3 1/2 hours!) at gymnastics. Sweating, working hard, and doing unimaginable skills with a mask on the entire time; something she's been doing for over a year without one complaint at all.

The ride home got me thinking and as usual I drove past a few houses with the damn "Unmask Our Kids" sign. Really???

I got home, walked through my kitchen with my flowy, yellow dress and was just angry. I told my husband that I was mad.

I'm angry that we are here, again.

I'm angry that after all we've been through people still are incredibly selfish.

I'm angry that more than 600,000 DEATHS FROM COVID in the USA is NOT ENOUGH for people to take this seriously.

I'm angry that my kids and I have been safe, followed rules, have been considerate of those around us, always, but we are STILL here over a year later.

I'm angry that people think the vaccine is not worth their time or their life.

I'm even MORE angry that people who don't want to get vaccinated are going about their every day ignoring the fact that there is still a health crisis while not wearing masks, not social distancing, etc. Continuing to spread the virus.

I'm angry I had to cancel my event.

I'm angry that my friends around the world are suffering so bad still and have no access to the vaccine while everyone in the US can get it but so many won't.

I'm angry that people think this political - seriously, what the hell?

I'm angry my kids WILL be wearing masks at school because I value their health above all else.

Everyone should have the right to get vaccinated or not. Whether they believe in it or not. I have nothing against people who don't want it, I don't understand them, but I respect their choice. But their beliefs should never compromise others. 

Has everyone not learned the value of human consideration and decency? When did people become more selfish than considerate? And why do I and so many like me have to pay the consequences due to others' lack of judgement and decency?

I'm angry even in my happy, yellow dress. You've ruined it for me and so many others. Wake the fuck up and do your part to be a decent human being so we can end this.

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