Thursday, February 01, 2018

Writing about a Writing Competition

I joined a writing competition.

Write a short story 6 days. Easy.

Write said story with an assigned genre and objects. Okay.

Said genre assigned = action/adventure. Mother Fucker.

I have never written action or adventure. Ever. So I started brainstorming and got a few ideas right off the bat.

I then told Lyla because even though she's only 7, she's an aspiring writer also. What can I say...!

She had some ideas too.

My first story which was supposed to be an adventure turned out to be a love story - go figure...

My second story went from thriller to adventure to... heartwarming...

My third story is currently a blank doc. It will come to me, I suppose. Probably an hour before the deadline.

I just think it's funny that my genre is so different from me but this contest is really fun. Hopefully I can knock someting out and make it to the next round. Stay tuned for more updates and for failed adventure short stories ;)
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