Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Some Please Hire My Husband...Before I Kill Him

[Disclaimer: I would never kill my husband; it’s just a saying!]

Someone. Anyone. Please. Hire my husband. He needs a job. His “life” depends on it. Seriously. I’m ready to kill him!

Why? Because while I’m busy being a working mom of 2 and he’s a freelancer and part time business owner looking for full time work, our lives are all messed up! But most importantly, he’s driving me crazy!

  1. He’s doing all the laundry. I usually do the laundry in the house. Now he’s home and doing it all. It’s great and all but it’s really obnoxious. There are never dirty clothes, ever! Just piles and piles of clean clothes all over the place for me to put away. Make it stop! Oh and it will. Once he gets a job and I can get back to the subpar ways of doing laundry myself.
  2. I’m used to working from home by myself. Now I have him home every day! I love him and all but for the love of all things holy, I’d like to have some time by myself! I don’t have an office I can go to so I’m stuck at home. Every day. With him. All day. Oh and our son is one and because things are tight money-wise, there is no day care involved. Just me, the hubs, and a toddler (who only wants me) all day, every day. While I work. FUN!
  3. He cleans the house. All. The. Time. Our vacuum is ready to explode from frequent use. Come try to find dust in my house or a stray hair. I dare you. Every day he threatens to clean my desk because he can’t stand my organized clutter. I usually clean the whole house every Friday. Now it’s sparkling every day. Man, our house is going to be filthy when he’s employed - bring it on!
  4. Luckily for me, my husband has always been the cook in the house which means he does the grocery shopping too. Since he’s been home, he’s making lunch and dinner. I feel like I’m at a five star restaurant, every day. He is an amazing chef making incredible meals but sometimes I just want a PB&J sandwich with a side of goldfish without an eyeroll. Okay?
  5. I’m sick of breaking things. My husband always needs something to do or fix. So when he’s bored or has some free time, he goes nuts. I’ve been “accidentally” breaking things all over the house to give him a project. He spent a whole 2 days fixing a kitchen cabinet door! Score! I’d much rather prefer he’s doing something more valuable with his time than fixing my klutziness ways.

My husband is truly a gem - he takes care of so many things that most men don’t. I am so lucky and I count my blessings every day. But… our lives would be much happier and more full if he was putting all his talents to better use. At an office. Daily. With a 20-30 minute commute. And a steady paycheck to boot! Anyone in need a of digital media, marketing, video production rockstar - holla!

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