Sunday, December 27, 2015

My First Hug

Yesterday my son gave my his first real hug. And just like that my heart melted all over the floor and I could have used a hazmat team for cleanup.

He didn't want me to put him down. He has a cold and is super cuddly lately. I went to put him down and his arms reached up around my neck and he squeezed. His head was on my shoulder and his arms just squeezed me. When a one year old hugs you for the first time, your son - your baby, it's unforgettable. It truly makes life worth living. This little person loves you so much and depends on you for everything. This little person needs you and wants you.

So when this little person poops in the tub (like on Christmas Eve - ugh) it's no bother. When this person throws his head down in a temper tantrum refusing to drink from anything but a bottle, it's okay. And when this little person grabs everything and anything to try to destroy, you don't mind.

Because this little human being loves you to pieces. And he will take his chubby arms around your neck and squeeze like nobody's business because it just feels good - he wants to hold you like you hold him.

These things, minimal little things, like your first hug will stay with you forever. Motherhood is the most amazing experience in the world and I will never forget my son's first hug and the overwhelming feeling of love shared by us at that moment.

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