Monday, July 06, 2015

I Just Justified Myself to Myself

Woke up this Monday morning with no coffee. How the hell would I survive?

Showered. Dressed. Dressed and fed baby. Dressed and fed Lyla. Made bed. Came down and started on the computer. It is a work day after all.

10am - swimming lessons time! Drove both children to the pool. Carried heavy baby in seat up lots of stairs into club, check in and then carry heavy baby down the other side of stairs to pool. Realized I have 4 consecutive weeks of this 4 days a week and wondered what the hell I was thinking.

Got home. Work. Lunch for kids. Lunch for me. Work. Naps. More work. It's 4:30 and my house is destroyed. Spend 20 minutes doing a fast clean up as I sadly admit to myself that I'll be up late working to make up time from my busy day. Finally have a cup of coffee now that we have some. (thanks Jared)

Laundry. Dinner for baby. Bath for baby. Dinner for Lyla. Late conference call. Bed for baby. Play time with Lyla. Bed for Lyla.

More laundry. Cleaning up. A glass of wine. Make baby food.

Stand at kitchen counter peeling and slicing apples making baby food. It's 9:30 pm. Jared is at the grocery store and picking up dinner. We haven't eaten yet...

But I'm at the counter making baby food. I have at least 2-3 hours of work to finish. I have 2 loads of laundry to run and 3 baskets to put away. I have a care package to buy and pack up for my inlaws before Thursday. I have treats to make for my road trip this weekend plus shopping, list making, and packing for. Plus gifts for my family letting us stay. Plus Jared is leaving FOR ENGLAND FOR 2 WEEKS ON THURSDAY (a whole other story...). But again, I'm at the counter making baby food.

All these things are flowing through my head. I made all Lyla's baby food. It's so easy, really. I'm making all Brighton's baby food. I had a ton of apples still that were almost done. He loves applesauce; as does Lyla. I promised I'd save her some. I have no more baby fruit to feed him. I need some. I have an empty carton for freezing it. I do it all the time. (I'm literally talking this all out loud to myself justifying the fact that I have three million other things to do right now as I cut and peel the apples to puree).

I'm standing at the counter talking to myself. I'm justifying myself to myself. Then I realize how ridiculous I sound. Then I tell myself how ridiculous I sound. Then I tell myself to stop talking.

Finish cutting/peeling and cook apples while I work thankful that coffee is here for the morning.

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