Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Count Your Blessings Wednesday

Last night when I was putting Lyla to bed, I was thinking about my strengths and weaknesses. And I was thinking about how some of those double as a strength and a weakness. So I'm grateful for those today.

Some of my characteristics that could be a good thing or a bad thing include the following:

  1. I can confidently admit that I possess the ability to sing every Disney Princess song by heart. Thanks to both my previous obsessions with The Little Mermaid back in the day and Lyla's current obsession with Princess everything. Makes it fun to sing to her at bed time but at the same time I think I need to get a life.
  2. I have an OCD need to make sure my child is A: always clean, B: always matching, C: always with a nice hair do, and D: perfect looking every second of the day. Again, this is a good thing because I care and at the same time, she's a kid and I need to let loose a little. Shouldn't I? I definitely annoy her, I'm sure, with the fixing of the hair, rearranging of the outfit, etc while she's playing and stuff.
  3. Snood. There I said it. I am obsessed with Snood. Again. I used to play this game in college and it would keep me up at night. And let's face it, all these new games on the phone people are playing like Candy Crush and Angry Birds suck compared to good ol' Snood on the computer. I play this game every day during work while on conference calls. That way I'm paying attention to people talking and not reading emails yet I'm not bored. I've yet to admit this to anyone I work with but I'm sure they do wonder about the constant clicking that takes place while the talk to me. So yes I'm paying more attention to my calls but playing a rater addicting game. Hold that thought...(I literally had to go play a game after talking about it. I'm weak.)
I think that's enough bashing of myself for today. But I am grateful for these oddities of myself! Happy Hump Day!

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