Monday, October 03, 2011

Working Mom Mondays - Some Stories

I haven't written this feature in a bit because my life was not my own for the last weeks.  But whatever, I'm slowly catching up.

While my life was passing by at lightening speed for my work event, my daughter was blossoming into a child.  She is not a baby anymore by any means.  I want to share some stories of things that happened in the past few weeks because I'm so proud of her and just love her to death.

We were sitting in the airport awaiting boarding.  Lyla just wanted to run around unattended in the airport so we sat in a circle around her and used our luggage to block her in.  She had her own play space without being too confined.  She got bored trying to escape and stood against a chair starting to dance.  She broke out in song and danced to her music.  I have never seen her sing before and she did it on her own accord. It was too darn cute.  So now I can tell her to "sing a song" and she sings and dances for me.  My eyes water each time she does this.  I am so proud of her.

My little book nerd is still all about reading.  In Florida, we were sitting on a chair and her uncle had words on the back of his shirt.  She stood up against his back and pointed at the letters reading like he were a book.  It was adorable.  She also grabs her books, walks over to me and says "Please".  That is her asking me to read to her and I can never say no.

This past weekend we had a busy few days catching up at home and doing some errands.  We found ourselves at the aquarium because Jared had to fix something.  We wandered around and saw some fish, sea lions, penguins, and a beluga whale.  The whole time she walked on her own holding my hand.  She's learning that she just can't run around on her own and that she needs to hold my hand.  When Lyla and I were standing up against the glass wall watching the beluga, he came right over to us, got down to Lyla's level and looked at her straight in the face.  Then he opened his mouth and started shaking it in a freaky way.  Lyla started to cry thinking the thing was going to eat her.  I tried to explain he couldn't get her but rationalizing with a one year old never works.  Needless to say I had to carry her the rest of the time at the aquarium.  That whale was scary for a minute there!

Lyla is all about helping these days.  She always helps with the dishwasher, she helps me make the bed, and put laundry away.  She tries so hard and I try so hard to be patient with her.  She does a good job and in the end I know she is learning so much just by doing.  I love watching her get excited over the dishwasher and can't wait for her to realize how not so fun it is!

My big girl is all about being independent.  She loves to do things on her own.  Now she is trying to climb the stairs while holding on to the railing that is way too high for her.  But she still figures it out.  No more crawling up the stairs for her.  She also eats all on her own with her fork and knife.  She is not making a big mess anymore (thank God!) and she can even drink from the cup all by herself (no straw or lid!).  I'm just amazed at how grown up she is and how well she does on her own.  I just love her.

Overall the past few weeks have been amazing to watch her grown and learn.  I am so proud of her and know she's doing well.

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