Monday, April 18, 2011

Working Mom Mondays

It's a Monday and a rough one for me.  It gets me to thinking about how all mom's feel on Sunday nights just knowing another week is around the corner.  Since I'm a working mom and a stay at home mom - who me, crazy?! - my Mondays have to be planned and scheduled and have a routine.  Even though I usually never follow it!  

There are so many women who go through this so I've decided to dedicate Mondays going forward as Working Mom Mondays.  I plan to write about my experiences as a working/stay at home mom and any tips that help get me through the day.  This will help me spill my guts when I'm feeling down and help me reflect and remember what works and what doesn't. It may help you too!  Or at least make you laugh - which I always love here at These are days...

So to kick things off, I'll just share that this is not the best Monday so far.  Last night I couldn't sleep and got on the computer at 11pm.  I worked, did crafts, and emails until about 2am and finally went back to sleep.  Where then my husband was snoring and I still couldn't sleep.  Let's just say I got about 2 hours of sleep last night.  But I'm still here working and watching Lyla.  I may be a zombie as I type but I'll get the day done.  One thing that keeps me sane is taking five minute to write (like now).  Even though my child is currently screaming in her high chair.  I gotta tell you baby goldfish are the bomb!

So tell me readers, what is one thing you do on Sunday nights to get your Monday going?  I need to start doing more on Sunday nights myself so on Monday I'm raring to go!

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