Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas Fun and the Garden Gnome does Quebec

My Christmas and New Year's was lovely.  I have many good stories and photos but wanted to share my Christmas fun through photos.  Hope you enjoy!

Jessie's famous Mince Pies!  I made a couple dozen of these little pies - a British delight.  I don't really like them myself but the family does for sure.  They sure did look pretty though all decked out for Christmas.

Lebkuchen.  These Austrian cookies adorned themselves nicely in our cake display on the kitchen counter.  Being Austrian, my mother in law really enjoyed these.  I was not brave enough to try them!

I got this beautiful book mark with my name on it as one of my gifts.  Just had to share it!  Definitely one of my favorites.

So I bought this union jack thong as a joke for Jared a few years ago (no, he never put it on.. :) ).  I thought it would be funny to leave it in the dresser drawer of the spare bedroom for my in laws to find.  The next morning, it was hanging on our doorknob.  They were laughing, embarrassed that they accidentally came across Jared's underwear.  It was really funny.  I ended up hanging it on the tree in the end just for fun.

The dining room is set and the first course has been served (muscles) for Christmas Eve.  I of course am not doing seafood these days...

We could always find Sooty under the tree sleeping peacefully.

Here is our chef, Jared, cooking up some delicious schnitzel.  We thought it would be funny and a good photo opp to have him put on his union jack apron and chef's hat.

It's Christmas morning and I'm wearing my new black beret hat.  I just love it!

Had to take a belly shot from a seated position.

Talk about glutenous.  We had more desserts than we knew what to do with on Christmas Day.

Boxing Day was celebrated with our families at the Boston Pops Holiday show at Symphony Hall.  We had so much fun and the show was amazing.

Everyone (my in laws and Jared) but me enjoying the hot tub.

The garden gnome does Quebec City (honestly, don't I look like the garden gnome?)  We spent three days including New Year's Eve in this cold, beautiful city.  Really, it was that cold.  But we had a blast!

Here we are freezing our tushes off on the ferry in Quebec.

A nice image of the Frontenac hotel from the riverbank.

Jared and his mom.

Quebec City is just a little slice of Europe right in our backyard.  It's a gorgeous, quaint city and I recommend everyone see it.

Every picture of us taken on New Year's Eve came out blurry sadly.  But in case you can't see I'm wearing a little black dress with a big old bump!

Yay, Happy New Year!  We spent the evening at the Frontenac Hotel at their cocktail party.  They had a great 80s band rocking, food, and drinks.  It was a lot of fun!

Happy New Year!

Then comes the best thing ever!  I found my dill pickle chips in Canada!  The one and only chips I have been craving for ages are now mine!  Yay for dill pickle chips!

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