Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All That New

Front of house

Now that we are in our new home and our office if finally set up, I can finally start writing again. (Only during work hours when I can use a break...)

I love everything about our new home. It's perfect for the 2 of us and when we start a family. We've got about an acre of land and a pond abutting our property. We've also got a pool and a huge garden. I think this home is it for us. We are set for life.

It was quite a process to get this to become "ours". The house came to us in perfect condition however it was an 80s house. Wall to wall floral wall paper and some hideous window treatments. Jared and I have brought this home into the 21st century. We've painted all the walls bright fun colors and have brought in some nice new furniture.

New furniture. Wow..Jared and I finally have sofas!! It's amazing. We've only ever had futons as couches so it's nice to actually have somewhere comforatble to sit while watching our mammoth TV and listening to the killer audio Jared picked out. I love that we have an incredibly different style than most people and it's so not country - like which is sort of where we're living. We have all modern furniture and designs. The coolest part is we comprimised on everything and were able to make it through the decorating/furnishing stage without killing each other :).

Side of house

The good and bad part of being married to Jared is that he really cares, unlike most husbands, what drapes are going up and what candles go where. Hence the reason we're butting heads for most of the time.

I'm glad the house is almost finished. We've got a lot of stuff going on with our jobs, traveling and what not. Being first-time homeowners is really amazing and scary at the same time.

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