Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day 30 of Covid-19 Quarantine

For Our Gymnasts During COVID-19
By: Jessie D’Amato Ford (mom of @gymnnastlyla)

Take a minute or even five
Mourn the losses you’ve had
The end of seasons, loss of states
Take the time and just be sad.

Cry for the team mates you miss
Think of your coaches at home
Spend some time being angry
Spend some time being alone.

Once you’ve grieved for the loss
Get right back up on your feet
There is no time to waste now
There soon will be more meets.

Take this free time for you
Make the most of it all
Work harder than you ever have
Keep getting back up if you fall.

Dedicate time to get stronger
Work towards big goals
Be the gymnast you always have been
It’s your time to fill your role.

You owe it to yourself 
To never give up on your dreams
Practice, train, condition
And repeat as you deem.

When this is over some day
Your hard work will shine through
A stronger, more empowered girl
Will make you see what is true.

You can nail that skill 
You can take the leap
You can rise above
You can go down deep.

Someday soon you will know
What your coaches already see
You have won the medal this time
You are finally free.

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