Sunday, March 31, 2019

Music Battles are the Best

Black Cassette Tape on Top of Red and Yellow Surface

My husband fell asleep on the couch the other night; with his glasses on his face and the TV on.

A natural and almost nightly occurrence for sure. The man works hard! He’s up early! No big deal.

I figured the simple process of turning the TV and lights off and me going upstairs would wake him per usual. But this time not so much.

As I sat in bed pondering my options, I reminisced about our old music fights. It had been a while. If you’ve never had a music fight, well buckle up because it is our favorite way to fight. Thanks to our love of music and the ability to play music anywhere in the house through our phones, our song battles were often and well loved.

We’d be arguing about something stupid so then we’d blast a song to each other in different parts of the house as we weren’t talking. I always started with Fuck You by Lily Allen because, why not. Then he’d play Bitch by Meredith Brooks. Usually I’d play a “Baby” song of some sort because he was acting like a baby, of course. And the battle would go on until we got bored and were laughing hysterically. You may think this is an unusual method for couples but I relished those music fights. Fun times! By the way, did you know there is a song called D. I. V. O. R. C. E.? Hahaha

So anyways, I was sitting on my bed wondering if I wanted to let him sleep all night on the couch hunched over with glasses on. Obviously not. That would be mean. So naturally I did the next best thing. Rather than go downstairs to wake him up, I asked Alexa to play Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, by Wham - really loud.

That did the trick. He was up, yelling obscenities for the record. I smiled at myself for the ingenuity of the situation. What a good wife I was! However, instead of turning off the song, he asked Alexa to make it louder. It was just after 11 p.m. and Wham was blasting through my house as if a sudden rave had popped up out of nowhere.

What would good mom do in this situation? I freaked the shit out! OMG the kids are going to wake up! Boy did he turn the tables on me! Frantically I worked on turning off the music as the hubs came upstairs with a smug smile on his face, sauntered into the bed and said good night.

I finally got Wham to shut the fuck up and ran to the kids beds to make sure they were still out cold. Thankfully they were. We have heavy sleepers so he knew they wouldn’t wake up but knew I’d freak out that they would.

Dodged that bullet! Phew!

The next morning both my kids came downstairs singing Wake Me Up Before You Go Go out of nowhere and kept complaining why that song was stuck in their heads. I nearly died laughing.

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