Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gorgeous! Damn!

Jared does some side work from time to time. He had this guy needing some DVDs burned but it was a really last minute thing. The guy, Ernesto, showed up later than expected at the house for pickup in between my conference calls, luckily. I was a bit annoyed for sure.

Ernesto: He (Jared) is good. So nice of him to do this for me.

Me: Yeah, he’s a good person.

Ernesto: You tell your husband his wife is gorgeous. DAMN! (as he walks away shaking his head…)

Me: Oh, (stuttering) thank you (turning beet red)

When is the last time someone called you gorgeous to your face? Me? NEVER.

I mean, especially not after two babies, lots of extra chub, and my Texas-sized bags under the eyes. I actually was dressed nicely (surprise, surprise), and brushed my hair today. I even slabbed on a bit of mascara to get rid of the exhausted look in my eyes.

So this dude shows up on my doorstep to pick something up and calls me gorgeous and just like that - my day is made.

Of course what did the husband say? Oh, are you sure he had his eyesight in tact? HA HA, whatever...

(this just in)

Ernesto texted my husband: Thank you just picked it up. You live in such a beautiful place next to a lake. You're a very lucky guy Jared, your wife looks like Veronica Mars, she even talks like her. :-)

OMG - day = made, again!

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