Wednesday, September 07, 2016

First Grade Stories: Literally Unappropriate

My daughter loves to talk. My mom would say she takes after me and that payback is a bitch. But I consider it a blessing. Lyla's stories from school are amazing. I must document them!

So for this year, we'll start a new feature: First Grade Stories. So you can enjoy the gossip at her school as much as I do! We'll keep her classmates names anonymous so I'm not the piranha mom at school pickup!

For the record, my daughter is six years old and just started first grade.

On the way home from school:

Lyla: So a few years ago when I was in kindergarten, *boy name* was literally sitting right next to me. And he was like *other boy name* is so annoying. And I was like yeah. And he was like ah and I was like eh. And then he literally made this face and I literally didn't know what to do. 

Me: What kind of face?

Lyla: Like this (smiles with her mouth squeezed shut). Because he wants to marry me of course. And this *another boy name* is back from vacation and he's in *girl name*'s class. Remember him from last year? He was so unappropriate by saying he was going to kill someone. Do you remember that mom? He was so unappropriate. He literally said that. i'm just glad he's not in my class. he like, always gets breaks.


And I kid you not this is "literally" how the whole conversation went while I tried my best not to laugh. And I was able to record some of it cause she is too funny! Ahh first grade gossip I tell you!

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