Monday, September 19, 2016

First Grade Stories: Fired

Me on the way to school: Why don't you meet someone new today and make friends.

Lyla; I already know them all. I know everything about everyone! Like *boy name*'s favorite color is green because it can be light green, dark green, or medium green.

After school chatter:

Lyla: Oh, I forgot to tell you! I was playing in gym with *boy name* and I was the dog. And he said boyfriends always help their girlfriends out. So he helped me. (giggling)

Me: Oh dear, another boyfriend.

Lyla: Yeah, I have 3. You know them all. (listing out their names)

Me: What about *boy name*? Wasn't he your boyfriend yesterday?

Lyla: He's fired. And *girl name* is fired too because she told *boy name* I had a crush on him.

Me: (shakes head dreading the teenage years)

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