Friday, June 03, 2016

My Son has Spots

I'm pretty sure I've googled "my son has spots" at least 2-3 times since he was born. Nothing permanent or life threatening. Mostly heat rashes.

Recently, my son had lots o spots. I texted my husband in the morning and figured I'd wait until the afternoon to see if they were gone; then call the doc!

At school pickup, a few moms recommended I do call that doc because I had forgotten my son had started medicine a week ago for a sinus infection. He may be allergic they said.

I called and then took him to the doctor since I was right across the street. In the waiting room, I was frantically texting Jared, the hubs, to help me remember the three day weekend. My crazy fast, typo ridden texts and then the doc's diagnosis and Jared's final, grateful response... Enjoy!

Yup, he is grateful it wasn't the beer; what a pity of our son was allergic to beer right? Men...

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