Monday, April 11, 2016

The Cursing Scale

My breakfast conversation this morning provided me great insight on my mothering capabilities. I’m not sure if I should be proud, mortified, or what!

Lyla: (singing "shut up and dance with me!") Mom, is shut up a bad word? It’s on the radio...

Me: Yeah you can say shut up on the radio. Shut up is not a bad word but it’s not a nice word.

Lyla: What about stupid?

I decide to give her some overall feedback.

Me: There is a scale, okay. 10 being the worst words that are for adults only and can’t go on the radio. And 1 being not so bad words. Words that just not nice, but not necessarily swear words.

Lyla: (listening very intently)

Me: So stupid is a 2 maybe and shut up as well. And Shit is an 8 or 9. Adult words only though!

Lyla: So 10 is for really bad words for adults only. Like Fuck would be a 10.

Me: Oh my God! Stop! Adult words! You’re 5! But yes, Fuck is definitely a 10. Don’t say Fuck again, jeeze!

1 comment:

Monkey said...

My daughters, several years ago:

5 year old: That's stupid.
7 year old: Don't say stupid, that's the S-word.
7 year old: .... and the A-word is asshole.

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