Thursday, March 24, 2016

An Excerpt for My Husband

For my husband, today. An excerpt from a project I'm working on. 

She wondered if she'd regret the moment. One day, a long time from now, will she look back at this spontaneous, care-free moment full of regrets? Will she wake up some day wishing she had married someone else?

The palm trees skating by the car window seem to slow and he announces they are there. After the car is parked, she brings down the mirror and does one last spot check. Staring at her sky blue eyes she wonders if she's ready. Is she ready to change her life, for the better - or so she hopes. Running her fingers through her long, dirty blonde hair, curled for the occasion, she can't help but tear up. So many emotions are gnawing at her; ready to eat her alive it seems. Happy, excited, scared shitless, nervous, anxious, in love. She stops. She's in love.

She puts on the brave face and dabs her eyes quickly with her hand before he notices. In love, she repeats over and over to herself. The yellow daisy she pinned up her hair with is drooping and she swiftly tightens it back in place without taking her eyes off of herself. Silently giving a pep talk to her reflection, he beckons to her asking if she's ready. Nodding, she closes the visor mirror and opens the door quickly jumping out.

Her long white skirt immediately starts flowing with the ocean breeze and her hair kicks up lightly framing her fair skin dotted with freckles. One last glimpse of herself as she is now, in the car window gives her the strength she needs. One last view before life changes. One last memory. One last smile.

Smoothing down her outfit, clutching her yellow gerber daisies he comes to her side and takes her hand. He lovingly looks at her as if to speak without speaking - are you ready. She nods and they leave the car heading for the sand, the ocean, the sunset, and a lifetime together.

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