Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Had One Job

I had one job.

Well, technically I was working all day plus taking care of my one year old all day. So I already had two jobs so that makes three jobs but who's counting?!

The first day in a long time my husband got up and left for work; an hour commute there and back. He's been working from home alongside me for the longest time. But now that all changes. He's gone. Twelve hours. Bye bye. I've been talking about how he needs a job, bad. And now he has one. And it's been one day. And it SUCKS already.

From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. I'm a full time working mom, alone. Alone to get both kids dressed. Both kids fed. School stuff and lunch to get organized. Both kids have to get in the car for school drop off. I need to work all day (with the little one home) until I have to take the little for school pickup. Get both of them home and fed a snack. Both of them have to got to all of Lyla's activities... gymnastics 2x a week, piano. Both have to get fed dinner. Both have to be bathed. The little one to bed before Jared even comes home from work.

No one to help me.

Over the weekend, Jared did a big grocery shop. He even got a crockpot full up and ready for me. My one job was to bring it out of the fridge, pop it in, turn it on, and let it cook for or dinner. Easy. He said, start it at 2. He even made me practice turning on the crockpot and getting it set. He doesn't trust me, can you tell? I don't blame him...

I opened up my work calendar and set up a reminder so I wouldn't forget my one job. My 1pm meeting ran late. At 2pm, I was still on it. My calendar pinged to start the crockpot but alas I couldn't get up. Then the baby started crying as he had pooped. As soon as my call was done, I ran up to get him and change him.

I brought him downstairs and gave him a snack. Then I sat at the counter and started working again. At least 20 minutes went by and my head popped up. OMG! The crockpot! It was 2:30, no big deal, I thought. I ran downstairs to the basement to grab it out of the fridge. The thing was heavy. I made it to the top step and then stopped to turn off the light. That is when my life flashed before my eyes as my foot slipped.

Being an unfinished basement, there is no back to our stairs. My foot slipped into the opening and I thought I broke my ankle. The crock pot firm in my hands didn't even wobble. I figured if I go down, the crockpot and dinner will survive. I was able to catch myself, somehow. I'm still not sure because there is no way I didn't fall all the way down the stairs with raw chicken and tomatoes falling all over me and everything in its wake. I stood still for a minute on that stair and pulled my foot back. I think I even peed a little.

A huge wave of relief flooded through my body and I marched on to set up the crockpot to cook. I had almost failed my one job. But I prevailed. I managed to get dinner down without killing myself and almost on time.

Day one without my work from home husband, survived, but barely...


Christina said...

Holy shit woman!! I'm so sorry, but hooray for saving the crockpot! How's your foot?? Where's Jared working?!?!

Jessie said...

he's at an ad agency with a super cool job so he's psyched! so happy for him, as it's about time! haha :)

Connect4 said...

Hope day 2 went better, and that your foot is recovering!

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