Thursday, February 25, 2016

Crazy Storm, No Power, Camera On, Children Amuck and I'm Spent

At 2AM, the power went out.

The torrential rain, lightening, and thunder storm had caused me a painful sleep so far. I was exhausted. I jumped out of bed as the wind whipped around us. Jared woke up and said, man it sounds like a tornado.


I stood in the middle of my room and scanned the windows watching for any sign of a tornado. Then realized I had no idea what the fuck that meant.

I grabbed my phone and spent a good hour googling tornado's on my phone while sitting on my bed. Checking my search history:

  • how to know if a tornado is coming
  • tornado safety
  • safest places to be during a tornado
  • weather in CT and tornado possibility
  • average wind speed for tornado
I stopped when I read this:
A loud roar similar to a freight train may be hard.

Cause just then I heard the loudest whipping wind, I swear I had ever heard. I jumped out of bed again and in my mind I started planning. No joke this was my thought process:

Okay, I'll wait until I see the funnel in the window and when it starts to move across the house into my room first, I'll quickly wake up Jared, put on my slippers (cause the basement is cold), I'll tell him to grab Lyla and I'll get Brighton or I'll just grab both. I can't forget Lyla's blankie and stuffie and Brighton's blankie too (cause carrying both and their gear is easy). Oh and I may as well grab a big blanket too so they aren't cold. I'll take them all downstairs into the basement and get them set up. Then I'll run back upstairs and grab a flashlight, my phone, and some snacks. Then we'll sit and hope and pray our house does not get ripped off the foundation.

My totally insane and naive thought process astounds me. It was as if I was certain that when it would happen, it would come from that window over there and in to the house leave me plenty of time to do all those things.

I realized I was totally unequipped to deal with any natural disaster whatsoever. I checked on the kids, both of which slept through the entire storm. Then tried to go back to sleep which I failed miserably at. 

At 5am we were all up. Jared got the generator up and running and both the kids decided they were done sleeping. So of course he took off for work and I got stuck with both kids home since school is closed due to no power.

Fast forward to my work day after the storm.

#1: I'm exhausted. Can barely keep my eyes open.

#2: I laid on my neck in some weird way so it's killing me.

#3: I have a full day of lots of work to do and 2 kids to entertain.

Best part, on a conference call, I put on my camera to do my part of the call to about 20 people. When I was done, I was pretty sure I did turn my camera off. Luckily I was muted as I ran up my stairs while holding my laptop to go find my children running amuck because 5 year olds are not good babysitters. I heard a lot of, your camera is still on, Jessie. WHOOPS! Talk about embarrassing. 

Time for day care. Time for booze. Wait, it's 11:30. Time for booze.

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