Tuesday, January 05, 2016

January Sucks

January is the stupidest month. Ever. Seriously. Nobody likes January.

  1. You just had a break from work and life with Christmas and New Year's. And when that is done, January is here to spit in your face and say, get back to real life, beotch! FU January.
  2. Everything the past month has been beautiful and magical. Christmas lights all over, lit up trees, and decorations; so pretty! Then January comes and everything has to come down and look boring again. FU January.
  3. Back to work after the New Year and your inbox is full of shit you didn't have to deal with. Meetings blocking up your entire day to get roped back in and days upon days of being in the weeds. FU January.
  4. You've been writing and thinking of 2015 all year and then the first time you do something with a date you put 2015 again instead of 2016. Stupid new year. FU January.
  5. Just when you thought winter was half done, January goes on what seems like forever. Then you blink and it's October. FU January.
  6. Gyms are over crowded and everywhere you look are commercials and ads for the next big diet fad. Resolutions are so over-rated and never work. FU January.

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