Thursday, December 03, 2015

We Don't Welcome You With Open Arms

Big news at our household this week! And no, I'm not pregnant - jeesh...

Our little man, the baby, he started walking. Ugh it feels like yesterday he was born. And now he's up and running, literally!

Next week he'll turn into a ONE year old and all that fun stuff that goes along with it. We've already gotten a nice taste these last few weeks and we are SO excited to welcome the... Toddler Stage!

The toddler stage is oh so much fun. Sadly, I don't remember much about it or I've totally wiped the awfulness from my consciousness. I'm pretty sure my "Joy" in my brain removed all trace of toddlerhood from Lyla just so I would not be terrified to have more children. Either that or the mommy brain is automatically programmed to forget toddlerdom just to keep on procreating? It's definitely one or the other.

Regardless, we are just ecstatic, over the moon for this new phase with our baby boy, Brighton.

I mean who wouldn't love the temper tantrums (yes those have started, complete with slamming his face on the floor whenever he doesn't get his way), biting(!) (yup, we have a biter! every time he now gets mad, he bites whatever is in his sight - even if it's the floor, the bed, or my knee), toddler manipulation (he's already a pro and it makes me so mad!), and of course the plain and simple concept of testing us (no, I won't eat that. I won't eat that. But if you put it this way, I will. If you do it this way, I won't. If I throw it, you will pick it up, etc, etc).

I"d like to thank babies all over the world for this amazing thing that is toddlerness. Without you mommies and daddies wouldn't go gray, kids would eat, and we wouldn't have to constantly say that all powerful yet frustrating word - NO.

Wish us luck in our new, thrilling adventure with this boy. We just CAN'T wait!

(if you can't catch the sarcasm here, you may want to read up on that...)

Oh and here is Bman walking:

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