Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Leave my Daughter Alone Before I Punch You

Yesterday we were eating dinner. My five year old kindergartener says:

Mommy, today a boy told me and my friend to "shut the F up".

I dropped my fork shocked. Usually I was the one saying that. But my daughter knows she's not allowed to and knows it's not very nice.

Today when I dropped her off at school, I almost wanted to park and go in to tell the school they have asshole kids on the playground. Then I was going to have Lyla walk me into the little boy's class and point him out to me. Then I was going to put my face in his face and tell him if he ever talks to my daughter again like that he's going to walk funny for the rest of his life. And that I would also post his full name on social media so anyone who searched him for the rest of his life would see: My name is ____ and at 5 years old I told a little girl to shut the F up. I will have no successful future if I continue like this. Don't hire me if I have not changed. Then I was going to call his parents and blame them and out them to the whole school as bad parents.

Then someone behind me beeped in the drop off line and I woke up from my daydream. And I left well alone. Good mommy.

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