Friday, November 06, 2015

Airport Musings

Traveling for work and observing... Man I LOVE people watching; especially at the airport.

Some musings:

Tall people have really big hands. REALLY big hands. This chick's hands covered her whole laptop. I have munchkin hands. Makes me want a big lollipop from munchkin land over by Oz. I'd say hi to Glenda the Good witch for you.

Everyone at the airport looks like someone I know for some reason. Seriously.

I just saw my reflection in the mirror and realized I looked like a homeless person. I took a pic but can't share it. It's that bad. And I did shower this morning. I need a stylist or a style. Or I need time or a personal assistant. Or something...

They also have really long forearms. Tall people. You with me? I literally just shrunk the size of my screen so lady longlegs didn't see me talking about her. She's pretty. Pretty LONG. Haha, I'm so going to hell. No really, she is a very pretty girl. Just next to me she looks long. I bet if she stands up, she'll be 5'8 or something. Not even that tall. I'm just a shrimp, that is the real problem. She is probably looking at me thinking I resemble a meatball. Eh, whatever.

There is a woman over there with shiny black pants. REALLY shiny. And a very shiny floral tight top  that is VERY loud. Oh and she's got cheetah print flats on that are furry. But she smells good. Thank goodness for that. Wow is she a sight!

I just had to move seats. There was someone around me with lethal smelling burps. I kept gagging. It was THAT bad. I got up and sat somewhere else. I couldn't take it anymore. Goodness... STANK!

I swear, I went to high school with that guy. Nope, maybe not. OMG, that is my cousin's husband. Nope, he lives in Florida, can't be Tony.

Everyone is lining up to board the plane. We are ALL getting on the plane, relax people. You can't fit your enormous "carry on" overhead anyways. Take a chill pill and sit down. Stop waiting in line. There is no line. People are annoying.

Oh they are calling my flight. I should shut down now... Toodles!

Update: Omg I got a pic!! 

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