Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Things I Almost Tweeted Today

So may good one liners today! But I was too lazy to fit them under 140 characters!

When it comes to having a husband (like mine) who cooks, cleans, and does laundry OR kills spiders for you, I realized tonight I'd rather have the latter.

The worse time of day = after bath time. I need to get a diaper on, lotion my kid, and put on pajamas all without either of us hurting ourselves.

Lost my cool in front of the kids today. Screamed like a banshee when a wood spider came out of the tub faucet. Good thing my baby thought it was funny and laughed at me.

In the process of transporting said spider from the dry tub (with my naked baby in it) to the toilet, I dropped him unbeknown to me. Therefore two minutes later we all screamed again when he was on the floor right next to us.

My baby finally grasped how to do 'how big is the baby?! SO BIG!' today. So naturally I taught him how to say "dude" as well. He did good. A+ for effort.

Teaching my son to say "dude" was successful two fold. It actually sounded like "dude" and it royally pissed off my British husband cause he really despises that word. Okay, okay. We'll work on "mate" tomorrow.

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