Friday, August 07, 2015

Sports Camp Drama Unfolded

All ready for camp!
I signed up my daughter Lyla - she's 5 - for a sports camp this week. It is the first activity I've done with her that required me to drop her off and pick up later. Surprisingly it went well. But that is not what we're going to talk about today.

Let's talk about sports camp drama. 

Each day after camp, I got the low down of the happenings and what not from her about camp, the kids, and the drama!

Day 1:
It was a fight from the get go. She despised the thought of going to sports camp and getting sweaty.

After I bribed her to go and after I picked her up, I got the lowdown:

Liam was so fresh today. His mommy and daddy had to pick him up after 10 minutes! He wasn't being a good listener at all. And he was pushing everyone! He pushed me and I told him I didn't want him to push me but he didn't listen to me either! He was so fresh!

Day 2:
Me: Did you make any friends?
Lyla: Yeah one girl I like.
Me: Which one was she?
Lyla: The girl with the black hair and owl shirt. She had peach skin. She looked like the Chinese cooker lady but isn't a Chinese cooker.
Me: (trying so hard not to laugh) Did you sit with her at lunch?
Lyla: No she wanted to sit with the teachers and the other girls didn't want me to sit with them at lunch so I sat by myself under the tree. They are best friends already so I can't be their friend. I don't want to be just a friend, I want to be a best friend. And I just miss my best friend Jaden and wish she was at sports camp.
Me: Well I think you should just sit with your new friend and the coaches so you're not all by yourself.
Lyla: (poutiest face ever pointed in my direction. conversation dropped.)

Day 3:
Me: How was camp today?
Lyla: It was okay. Nick was really fresh and he didn't listen to anyone! And we got to play Drip, Drip, Squeeze. It was so fun! But I didn't play because I didn't want to get wet.
Me: You didn't play but it was so fun? I'm confused...
Lyla: We played the dragon tail game and the boy who had a brother grabbed my tail but I was already out! He grabbed my tail again! But I was out! It hurt my feelings.
Me: Did you sit with your new friend? Or get her name?
Lyla: Her name is dan-el.
Me: Danielle?
Lyla: Yeah that's it. She sat with the teacher so I sat by the tree by myself again. I didn't want to sit with anyone! They all have friends already and no one wants to be my friend. So I just sat by myself.
Me: Did you ask anyone if you could sit with them or try?
Lyla: Yeah but they said no! (getting mad now) I just want to sit by myself!
Me: Okay well you just need to be yourself and be friendly and if those kids don't want to sit with you there is nothing you can do. If I was a kid at that camp, I'd want to sit with you because you're awesome! (I finally get her to smile)

(The protective mom in me wants to go beat the shit out of all those asshole kids...)

Day 4:
Me: So how was camp today?
Lyla: Good! You were right! I made a new friend! Lena. She was sitting by herself at lunch too so I asked her if I could sit with her and she said yes! We even shared our gold fish! (I'm glowing with pride!)
Me: I'm so proud of you! I knew you could do it if you just were yourself and were brave.
Lyla: (beaming ear to ear)
Me: Any other drama at camp today?
Lyla; Yeah, Nick was not a good listener! He was pushing everyone. And we took a long walk and I beated everyone! I raced soooooooo fast all across the field to the flag and got there first! I even beated the fasted boys (smirking so proudly).
Me: That is amazing! So proud of you! Glad you had a great day!

Day 5:
First thing in the morning picking out her outfit.

Lyla: I want to wear something girly, not a gray shirt!
Me: But you told the coaches you don't like pink?!
Lyla: I do too like pink!

(She wants to wear her pink capri leggings and a kitty cat shirt.)

Me: This is a sports camp, must you wear the girliest, least sporty thing you own?
Lyla: I want to wear my kitty shirt.
Me: Okay but you have to wear your black soccer shorts with it.
Lyla: Fine... (eye rolling)

We get to camp:

Coach to me: Where is your husband from?
Me: England
Coach: We thought so! We asked Lyla where he was from because he had an accent and she said he wasn't from England.
Lyla: He doesn't have an accent!

her final day and award
I showed up early to watch some of camp on the last day and when I go there, she was eating lunch under the tree with her new friend. And they were sharing their gold fish again. She waved over at me and then continued to talk with her friend.

A drama filled week but it was fun!

I was so proud of her doing her own thing and it's definitely hitting me that she's growing up so fast. I raised her well. She is confident, she is friendly, and she is a good girl. She listens to adults and is respectful.

While I'm home balling, she will be flourishing in kindergarten. My baby girl is all grown up.

Drop off sports camp was just what we needed to help us transition and she passed the test.

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