Friday, August 21, 2015

Shit I'm Not Doing on Weekends

As a working mom, weekends are sacred to me. And thanks to this guy, we know we only have 940 Saturdays with our kids until they turn 18. 260 of those are gone by their fifth birthday. Great! Thanks for that…! Now every Saturday morning, I’ll wake up and think, 689 left! 688 to go…

Time flies. Life goes fast. Kids grow up. 940 Saturdays will be just a faint memory before you know it.

With that in mind, not to even mention I don’t have to work, you can guarantee there will be crap I’m NOT doing when the weekends hit. Especially on Saturdays!

  1. I’m not making my bed! I don’t care. Unless I have company coming over, I’m just throwing the duvet up and taking a break. In the back of my mind I really do it in the .003% chance I can crawl back into my bed with an afternoon nap. Not that that ever happens but one could hope and wish!
  2. I’m not cleaning my house! I will stay up all hours of the night on Friday if I have to so come Saturday my house is clean and I don’t have to lift a finger. You can all go on and on about how you don’t care what your house looks like and how you’ve got kids, etc. But my house will be clean, sanitized, and not cluttered. And I won’t be doing any of that on my weekends. You can sometimes find my mopping my kitchen floor or vacuuming at 11pm on weeknights. I will do what it takes!
  3. I’m not running errands! There is nothing worse than going to Target, the grocery store, or wherever with five million other people on the weekends. I will try my best to not have to do any of this on the weekends. And if I have to, it will be at 8am or 7pm.
  4. I am not having a jam packed schedule! If I want to putz around for an hour doing absolutely nothing, I will. Maybe I don’t want to play with my kids all hours of the day, organize something, or do anything. Maybe I want to just sit here and do nothing. I will do that!
  5. I am not talking about work! You want to know how things are going? Talk to me on Monday. I may have to check in on email all weekend which I’m used to, but I’m not discussing it with the husband, the parents, or some guy at a kids birthday party. I need to destress on weekends, not worry about being over budget until Monday comes back around!
  6. I’m not eating healthy! During the week I’ll eat beautiful, colorful food full of vitamins and minerals. I’ll pull a Pinkalicious and burp up brussel sprouts, gag on grapes, and choke on artichokes.

Weekends are something we all cherish. Kids aren’t in school, your day isn’t jam packed with conference calls, and you can stay in your jammies as long as you want. Just don’t expect my weekends to be bogged down with crap I’m just not doing!

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