Thursday, August 06, 2015

Dinosaurs and Vaginas

I just read this book to my daughter.

Stupidest book ever. Not only do you have to say big, difficult dinosaur names (so annoying when you're so tired) but one of the pages talks about smells coming from the dino butt. And right under said butt is what looks like a big pile of poop. My daughter pointed this out tonight and started giggling uncontrollably. I never noticed that it looked like poop before.

The following conversation then took place.

Lyla: (giggling) It looks like poop came out of his vagina! (giggling some more)
Me: Really? Did you just say that?
Lyla: (hysterical at this point)
Me: So there are a few things wrong with that.
#1: Dinosaurs don't have vaginas.
#2: Anything male does not have a vagina.
#3: Poop doesn't come out of a vagina.
Lyla: (falling over laughing) I'm going to throw up! (because of all the laughing)

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