Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I am a Train Wreck

Ugh today was a day.

I was home alone with both children while I was working all day. I barely slept the night before because little man learned how to roll over and now every hour I need to flip him back to his back during the night because little man doesn't like to sleep on his belly. But he keeps flipping over. I don't get it...


Today was a day.

I didn't get a shower. I figured by the time I got out of bed at 8am due to pure exhaustion and both kids still sleeping, why bother! I can just coast all day in my sweats and greasy hair. No one will see me or care. But then I had to go to the store...

I ate cookie dough for breakfast. And then felt bad about it after. So not healthy, I know.

Lyla was actually occupied most of the day and was super helpful with Brighton - the only upside of my day.

Of course I ran out of formula and the one day I'm home alone with the kids and trying to work I had to go to BJs to get more with both of them all greasy and in sweats.

Decided to go to BJs at lunch and grab something at the cafe. I gave my 5 year old a giant hotdog full of ketchup and sprite for lunch while I ate a slice of pizza and a pretzel. Lyla essentially ate a shit ton of ketchup and sugar while I went a bit too heavy on the carbs.  Mother of the year, right here!

I tried my best to work all day. The morning was better than the afternoon. This afternoon, Bman didn't want to cooperate and it was hard to get work done.

Meanwhile I looked on with disgust at the overflowing laundry baskets, the messy kids rooms, the sink full of bottles to clean, and all the shit I have to put away. Why can I have more fucking time!

Then to end it all...

Got ROYALLY FUCKED at work today. A deal I'd been working on for oh about 3 weeks just went belly up. Totally screwed me over. Bad. Fun times.

I sat on the couch as Jared walked in the door from work and started to cry. For no reason.

It's 9:30 and I'm still working... oh and Jared is just serving us our dinner.

Happy Wednesday.

Let it be.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Bring on the wine and my bed. No, just my bed. Don't need the wine.

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