Thursday, April 09, 2015

A double edge sword

Bed time is a double edge sword. On the one side, once both my child have drifted off to that wonderful sugar plum heavenly deep sleep, my house is at peace. I run around like a mad woman cleaning the last of things up for the day and get ready to finally rest. Ahh it is bliss! The quiet of my house is only interrupted by the nature plentiful sounds outside and of course my two little snorers.

But on the other side, I freaking miss my kids. I really do. I sneak in and check on them often. I even will cuddle up to Lyla and just stare at her peaceful face. I'll lean over the crib and listen to Brighton snore and smell his baby scent. Then I'll go back to my room and miss them only to get up again and "check" on them some more. I fall asleep after prayers to keep them safe and healthy and look forward to the laughter of Brighton when he wakes up and Lyla sneaking into my room to yell "boo!" as I'm feeding him. 

I love my children more than life itself and I really dislike being away from them ever. Especially at night time. Life is so short and we get robbed so many hours at night.

Bed time is a necessity but also a reminder that another day is done, another day older my children are, and another day closer to an age I cannot even fathom being. Time flies and sleep is its accomplice. 

My beautiful babes.

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