Tuesday, February 24, 2015

And I'm Back...

Remember how excited pissed I was to go back to work? Well, I didn't win the lottery or get a Kickstarter campaign going. I didn't become independently wealthy or sell everything and move in with my parents (but I'm still considering it!).

So instead, I bit the bullet and started work again yesterday. Want to know how that went? Here is my fun story about returning to work after leave:

Sunday night:
I slept for 2 minutes, tops. Lyla had a 103 fever and was up most of the night. Brighton decided he wanted to eat every three hours. Luckily the kids took shifts so I never had to abandon one of them! Well planned children!

Monday morning:
Rolled out of Lyla's bed around 5:30 to find her with an even worse fever and had no children's meds left. Got dressed in a sleepy haze and told Jared to listen for them both as I went out in 7 degree weather to get more. CVS - closed (mother fuckers). Rite Aid - closed (bitches). What is the point of having two pharmacies a 7 minute drive away if they are both closed before 7am. WTF people.

Went all the way (okay, like 5 more minutes) to grocery store to get medicine. Came back home and parked car in cul-de-sac because didn't want to do musical chairs with cars later on. Literally jump out of car and guess what? Black ice! My feet didn't even hit the ground and I fell flat on my side half under the car. If it hadn't hurt so bad, it would have been comical. You see, I recently had a car upgrade to a bigger SUV (long story), so my "jump" out was what I usually did from my old SUV. I should have used the runner board but alas I'm only five feet tall and completely wiped out. I then limped all the way up my ridiculously long driveway in tears. Awesome.

Well work started in the AM but I'm pretty sure I didn't literally start until around 1pm. By the time I got Lyla sorted, Brighton fed and sorted, showered, dressed, etc it was lunch. Had to feed the sick kid and my starving, breastfeeding self and then it was time to try work again. Luckily I only had to do some sorting of emails and the slow day was just what I needed.

The whole day was pretty much shot but I did log on and do a few things!

On the plus side, I've mastered breastfeeding at my desk.

On the other plus side, at least I didn't have to drop of Brighton at a daycare and he could be home with me.

On the other, other plus side, Jared is home as well to help out.

Work is so over-rated but I can't complain (even though I do!)

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