Thursday, October 09, 2014

Some Whining, Just for Fun

I'm so freaking tired today. Wahhh...

I'm sitting at the lab doing my glucose test. You know, that supposed awful test where pregnant women drink this super sugary drink and then wait an hour before getting their blood drawn. For the record, that orange drink is fantastic! It cues up memories of having that orange barrel drink back in the day. What were those things called? Thanks, Google - Little Hugs! I love it - I know, I'm a weirdo. I rarely drink sugary drinks so I feel so rebellious. And it's making the little guy inside crazy! Sugar rush!

I'm supposed to be working but quite honestly, I don't want to. My brain is fried. I'm just so tired. So today I'll the bare minimum and take it easy. Then tomorrow I'll totally regret it as I get backed up.

So there ya have it. Some whining. I'm tired and I have nothing of consequence to write about that is worth reading.

1 comment:

Connect4 said...

Just think... in a mere few months, you can be wining instead of whining... :)

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