Monday, October 06, 2014

So Much Love, So Much Gratitude

Today, I almost cried tears of happiness.

(Let's face it, I cry pretty much every day over something. Jared is convinced this is the worst pregnancy ever because I'm all over the freaking place. I could be sitting on the couch and he's talking to me about dinner and 5 seconds later I'm balling my eyes out for God only knows what reason.)

But today, I sucked it up and held it in. I realized how much love and care I have in this world. All it took was a little email sentence. A quick text message. A short ping on the computer. Friends, semi-friends, acquaintances, people I've never met, people who know me online only, people who work with me but never personally met me. It's all these people who are out there interacting with me in some way or another who care.

These are the people checking in on me. Asking me how I feel (and meaning it). Hoping I have a great day (and meaning it). Wishing me luck with the baby. Each and every day there is someone out there (more than one actually) filling me up with proof that there are good people in this world still. There are still people that care about others and their well-being.

It's quite ironic because every day we are filled with only horrible stories of people on the news. I don't see enough or hear enough of the good stuff. It really makes my day when I see the good stuff first-hand, directed at me. I am truly lucky.

So here's a big thank you to everyone in this world that is a good person. Someone who genuinely cares. And the boy in my belly says thank you too since he's literally kicking and shoving me from the inside to let his thoughts be known (or so I'm pretending).

Thank you!

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