Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Music to Womb Ears

(For the record, I'm sitting in bed trying to type with my mac on my lap that is almost non existent at this point which makes things very difficult. Fun times!)

When I was pregnant with my first baby, the insatiable Lyla, I was obsessed with one of my favorite bands, Weezer. I listened to every Weezer album at the highest volumes for 9 months. In the car, I thought I was going to make myself deaf and my child deaf.

I was not worried how the tunes of Weezer would mold my child's life but I was grateful that when she came out, she loved Weezer and all my indie folk music. She's become a big time music snob over the years and prefers the Black Keys and the Head and the Heart over Justin Bieber and Katie Perry (both of which she has no patience for - that's my girl!). We have a good time jamming to our favorite tunes and arguing over what the songs are saying as well as which song is better than another.

As a 2nd time pregnant mom, I can't for the life of me understand why this time around I find myself addicted to.. wait for it... 90s hip hop. (Did you stop laughing yet?) My car is jamming to House of Pain, Naughty by Nature, T-pac, and old school Will Smith. When Lyla is in the car she rolls her eyes and complains. I've taught her well... When she's not in the car, my mommy mobile is pumping like nobody's business; base hopping, dancing as much as my belly lets me, and bursting at the seams with all the lyrics I remember from Coolio to Warren G and Nate Dogg to Wyclef (we be stayin' alive...!). I can't understand what is wrong with me and I have no idea what this is going to do to the boy growing in my belly.

I can picture it now. He's going to probably come out with a thug life look on his face, only allow his clothes to be baggy, and cry over all me and Lyla's indie rock. He will jam bass in his room shaking things off the walls, and insist on seeing the lastest rap concert for his 10th birthday.

In other words, what have I done. Hopefully my addiction ends soon, I don't cause too much damage, and we can convert him upon birth.

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