Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day is So Over

My child just turned 4. I figured things would be better since when she turned 3 she became and unrecognizable force. However as we're almost 2 weeks into age 4, things have only gotten worse. I thought since Mother's Day was yesterday, she'd behave but not so much.

Today has brought on an epic proportion of temper tantrum, I've never seen before. I just remembered that my child did come out of my belly so there is no way she's a demon. But the way she's currently screaming, kicking, and going all possessed on me after I took away almost every Frozen toy she owns, I'm starting to worry.

When does being a mom ever get easy? No right? It's never easy. We have to be tough, fair, loving, and considerate all at the same time. It's amazing my child still loves me. Today has been tough already and it's only 10am. Wish me luck for the next 15 years...

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