Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A Look on the Bright Side

Every once in a while I complain and moan. Okay so maybe I complain a lot (which my husband will testify to).

(imagine your best whiney voice)
My back hurts!
I'm getting old...
I want a dog!
I want another baby...
I don't wanna work!
Wah, I want chocolate.


The list goes on.

Sometimes now matter how I look at things and try to be positive, I only see the glass half empty. Life is not good enough...I need more. But I'm not sure what.

Yesterday I did this my daughter. Don't judge on my dorkiness:

We do this all the time to songs and I finally said, let's sit down and video us.

Here is my look on the bright side. Silly time, fun time, family time.

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