Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Am No Housewife

I am not a house wife. I am the furthest thing from being one.

When I got married, I was lucky enough to meet a husband who loved to cook, and was good at it, and loved the clean. Score for me!

At first, I wanted to pitch in so I did dabble a bit in the kitchen. After all, I come from an Italian family and my grandmother blessed me with personal cooking lessons. If you could only see the notes I took from those lessons, you'd have told me not to bother. I didn't want to fail. But I did fail. I still can't live it down. I'm reminded every time I'm even near the kitchen about the time I served stuffed pork chops raw. Or made accidentally watered down chicken marsala. So I suck at cooking. But it's okay because my husband can cook. And he loves it. We are a match made in heaven!

I don't suck at cleaning and I'm kind of a neat freak just like Jared. But he's much more so. So between the two of us, we keep the house pretty clean if I do say so myself. Being a full time working mom at home, it's hard work having all your ducks in a row. For example right now while I'm writing... it's 9:30 p.m. and I just forced myself to finish doing things around the house and sit down to.. wait for it... work. I ignored the laundry tonight so I'll regret that tomorrow.

In any event, my main mission in life is not housewifery but to spend as much time with my family with 100% focus on them. Sometimes I take for granted all the things Jared does for our family because I'm just not that housewife.

Jared: cooks, grocery shops, takes care of cats, house plants, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchen, all yard work, fixing things, deep cleaning everything often, and may other things.

So imagine my surprise when my darling husband goes up to New Hampshire for a weekend ice fishing trip with some work friends to come home with 3 broken ribs. I'm not kidding.

Darling husband is in so much pain that it's just me to deal with everything. I have the child, a full time job, and every household chore not to mention 3 meals a day! Lordy, lordy, give me booze.

The first few days were kind of a blur. We ate leftovers and I just got by. I helped Jared do everything because he was in so much pain. I took care of Lyla and tried my best to get my work hours in. I stopped at the store a couple days ago to get "bare essentials": milk, chips, cheese, grapes, gold fish, and precooked chicken. I was doing my best.

I went to the store again last night for more supplies due to the snow. I also had to get food as we could only handle our leftovers so many times. I got it into my head that I would buy fish sticks and tater tots. Perfect. Easy. I roamed the grocery store aisles. I must have gone up and down the frozen food sections a hundred times. I could not for the life of me find those damn fish sticks. Seriously. No where to be found. How fucking hard is it to find fish sticks in a grocery store. There are only SO many frozen food aisles. I stopped in front of the frozen chicken nuggets and almost started crying. I whispered to myself: I am the worse house wife ever. I couldn't even find fish sticks! How can I possibly take care of a sick husband, a child, and myself. The worst part of this is that millions of women everywhere do this every day!

I don't have to cook! I don't have to shop! It's done FOR me. My husband is a gem! We don't have frozen meat and tater tots for dinner. EVER! We have home made curries, stir frys, stews, and home made Chinese food that is better than take out! He's out for the count and I find myself eating crackers for dinner because I can't cook a damn thing. I am useless. I am no house wife.

And to end, here is Lyla and Daisy the snow girl we made today. Yeah, we had a massive blizzard today. It was awesome. My snow blower was out of commission so I had to bribe the neighbors to help. Fun stuff...


Kala M. said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. I spent a good 20 minutes looking for Chili Beans on Wednesday and I'm the one who normally does the shopping. Also, not sure what store you were in but I know Big Y in Groton has all the frozen fish products in a cooler over by the fresh fish counter. I think it is a stupid place for it.

Connect4 said...

If I had a dollar for every day that I said I was a poor housewife... well I'd have no money. On the other hand, if I had a dollar for every day that I said I was a poor house-husband, I'd probably be a billionaire at this point. So don't feel useless; after all, you make great snowmen!

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