Monday, February 03, 2014

Earrings From a Past Life

Today I tried to find some earrings in my jewelry box and had to then cram the drawer back in. Frustrated, I opened it again and figured it was time to do some housekeeping.

I have so many earrings. I have mom earrings, dance club earrings, work earrings, every day earrings, and special occasion earrings. I have a lot of earrings. I love most of them but realized in my current lifetime, many of them do not apply anymore.

I started digging out earrings I haven't worn in years remembering the last time I did wear them.

The shimmery gold ones I always wore when I went out dancing or to the bar. I loved the way they shimmered when I moved and were always great during photo opps. Unfortunately my night club days are pretty much over. I'm not really interested. Plus they've got a lot of wear and tear so they are done. (see below...!)

My gold hoops with the rainbow beads I always wore with my hippie tye dye dress. I couldn't bear to part with them though it's been a while since I wore them.

It was definitely time to say good bye to some of my earrings. It felt nice to cleanse my jewelry box of some of them but the fun times will never be forgotten!

Hawaii Honeymoon - love these earrings

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